Cybersecurity and Your Business: The Value of People Training and Prevention (Cybersecurity and Dark Web for Businesses)

Your company’s employees are your greatest asset.

But if they’re not properly trained in cybersecurity, they may be your greatest liability.

Knowing that, what is cybersecurity, why is it so important, and how does this impact your best asset in your team members?

What is Cybersecurity: Here’s what Cybersecurity is

It’s protecting company information and systems from major cyberthreats by enforcing a set of techniques and best practices, used to protect the integrity of your networks, your programs, and your data.

The practice of great Cybersecurity is designed by proactive, not reactionary. It should be in place before a threat is present.

Cybersecurity is important for a variety of different reasons. One of them is industry regulation. Different industries, like financial services and healthcare, have different laws when it comes to information protection. Each industry has a different set of laws that you should be aware of when it comes to training your employees. Whatever business you might be running, you should make sure you’re adhering to those cybersecurity laws.

How to prevent Cybersecurity to your business

Aside from the law, the biggest reason that cybersecurity should be a priority for you and your employees is the presence of cyberthreats.

Cyberthreats can damage or even completely destroy the reputation of your company. They can be designed to steal proprietary information and can cost you and your company thousands, even millions, in information damage. In fact, according to the Better Business Bureau, less than half of small businesses could survive over three months after losing their data to a cyberthreat and in 2015, 43% of cyberattacks targeted small businesses. There are several different types of cyberthreats that can attack small businesses and they can come through email, social platforms, servers, downloads and type of network that may require a password. With that being said, any small missteps could cause big problems for you and your company.

In today’s day hyper-technological culture, you cannot escape the need for the internet for your business.

That being said, Cybersecurity should be a major concern for you as you conduct business every day. Good cyber hygiene is knowing what systems and networks you use to run your business, knowing what software is running and at what times, understanding the threats that could pose problems for your business, and most importantly, training your employees in all forms of cyber security and hygiene.

Need help teaching your employees the importance of cybersecurity?

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