How Windows 7 Will Impact Your Business

How Windows 7 Will Impact Your Business

If you use Microsoft for your office, you may be wondering how Windows 7 will impact your business.

Here’s what we know.

Windows 7 no longer supported

As of January 14, 2020, Windows 7 will no longer be available. So how will Windows 7 impact your business?

So let’s first address why Windows 7 will be going out of use.

In May 2019, Windows announced that they would stop support for Windows 7 come January 2020 based on the 10-year commitment they originally made to the support of the product back in 2009.

Microsoft explained that come January 14, 2020, they will no longer be updating their security on the product and stressed the importance of moving towards Windows 10 programming.

What happens to my laptop and desktops re: Windows 7

So why does this shift matter to you?

As a small business owner, information security should be at the top of your radar for importance. If your company runs on Windows 7 and continues to do so after January 2020, you could be at risk for serious security breach issues. If January 2020 rolls around and you’re still needing to extend your use of Windows 7 as a business, there are two ways to potentially extend some of your security updates with Windows 7.

One of them is the use of Windows 7 Extended Security Updates or ESU’s.

These ESU’s will be available to Windows 7 Professionals and Enterprise users. However, those will only be provided up until 2023.

The other is the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop which will virtualize Windows 7, 10, and Office 365 ProPlus apps by running them remotely Azure virtual machines. This solution, again, will only be offered up until 2023.

However, the recommendation both for the sake of efficiency and security is to transition your business to Windows 10. Luckily, Microsoft is making it pretty easy to transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

How to solve Windows 7 support issues

You can simply purchase and download the program onto your existing PC, although Microsoft does also recommend getting a brand new PC with the program.

Something unique to Windows 10 which will impact the way your business keeps its information safe is a feature with Windows 10 called two-step verification process. This verification process helps protect your Microsoft account along with all the information stored on your account. The two steps will be your original passcode and then another code sent to a trusted device. Both steps are essential for accessing your account.

All in all, the end of Windows 7 may be a difficult thing for your business to accept and seem like a hassle. But it’s of the utmost importance to make the transition for the sake of your business’ ultimate security.

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