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Today’s healthcare market is the most technologically driven wellness system in all of history.

With that level of technology comes tremendous advantages of time savings, record keeping, and workflow management. It also poses challenges like compliance issues, legislative regulation, cyber-crime, and productivity-killing downtime due to improperly implemented software and technology.

At Solution Builders, we treat the management of your healthcare practice with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. Whether you realize it or not, your healthcare facility is under constant scrutiny from the public as well as governmental agencies and it’s our desire to make sure it’s managed well.







Security and privacy of healthcare records are the hot topics and it’s our desire to solve these types of technology challenges by going above and beyond basic security and backup to ensure you have a well-executed technology and IT strategy.

We’re sure it’s your goal to keep your patient and billing records safe and secure, especially if some sort of catastrophic failure happened. That’s ours, too. At Solution Builders, we keep you from failures by ensuring speedy retrieval and access to all your line-of-business applications.

In a perfect world, we’re sure your wish list includes things like getting away from paper, seeing more patients in a day, making your employee’s work simpler, and resting easy knowing your data is secure. Solving these things is possible with Solution Builders offering for healthcare.

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As you and your healthcare practice explore technology and IT, you’ll want to ask questions like:


Is the expectation of patient confidentiality being practiced?


Are your software’s and line-of-business applications being used in such a way that they’re user-friendly, as well as your patient-facing technology and applications?


Is your healthcare observing all the necessary HIPAA compliance?


If your healthcare practice secure or are you a prime target for cyber criminals?


We’ve been helping healthcare facilities and practices throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul area for years. These relationships are ones where you’ve received the benefits of being a trusted technology partner of ours because we’ve built technology strategies that work within your healthcare organization.

Partner with a technology and IT provider who will guide you in navigating the tricky nuances of healthcare and technology. We’ve been serving the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul market since 1995 and want to be your technology partner.

Ready to Make Technology Work For You?

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