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Local Government IT Support

Local Government IT Support

Specialized Managed IT support for local government.

Specialized Support for Local Government
We understand that local governments don’t operate the same as corporate entities. And with that being said, your technology needs are going to differ significantly. We know in order for you to serve your constituents and residents well, your technology needs to work for you. We also understand that trying to solve technology issues that delay your initiatives can frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive, forcing you to spend funds that should be going to serve the community. Our Managed IT support for local governments expertise helps you with the specific office technology that you need.

We’ve Been There Before
This isn’t our first time in local government IT support. We have many years of experience in:

  • CJIS and Police Department IT and Technology Support. We are a known entity to the State of Minnesota BCA and adhere to CJIS technology cyber-security guidelines.
  • We have been through FBI audits (the FBI audited the cities we manage) with our clients.
  • We understand the systems typically used by city governments and how to make them perform properly. Everything from City Council technology systems to squad mobile laptops – we've supported it all.
Local Government IT Support

Reliable Technology and Support
We know your focus is on your constituents and their needs. You shouldn’t have to be worrying about IT. Our experts know the best-in-class tools to make sure you have the best technology infrastructure possible and our proven process is designed to help things run safely and without error. We understand that government facilities face different challenges than traditional corporate enterprises and traditional businesses, and we have over 25 years of experience to tackle those challenges head-on.

Customer Service Above All and Advanced Security Network
One of our core values is customer service above all. We have been providing support to local governments since 1995 and we value not only your partnership but your community as well. We are here to provide you with the best customer service, support, and guidance in making the best technology decisions for you and your constituents. We understand that your security needs are top-of-mind and essential in ensuring the safety of your community. We provide the best security tools and methods to ensure your data and your citizens are safe and secure at all times.

We care about the community you’re serving. We want your leadership to make a difference. It’s our privilege and honor to help you help others.

IT Services for Local Government


We use a unique, proven, and scalable approach that focuses on aligning your technology needs with our best practices that will help your business grow and succeed. We call it SB360.

technology strategy
and planning

Technology Strategy and Planning to ensure your technology continues to match your organization’s goals.


Solution Builders manages all of your IT projects for worry-free installations.


Best Practices reduce the support burden by eliminating problems before they happen.


Help Desk support services that keep your business technology running smoothly.

Business continuity Planning

Backup & Disaster Recovery services prevents technology disasters inside your business.

Cloud Management And Migrations

Take the stress out of migrating to and managing cloud infrastructure.


Cyber security services protect your business from outside technology threats.

Transform your Organization with Office 365

Learn from our Office 365 Migration Experts

Download our free whitepaper for business leaders and IT administrators – answering common questions and providing guidance to implementing Office 365 and Microsoft Cloud Services.

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Solution Builders set us up for success

— Greg Kenton, Vice-President, BlueWater Manufacturing

Increasingly I had become worried about security and lacked confidence in our back-up systems. With two of us handling all our IT issues I realized that we did not have the skills/expertise to resolve many of our IT issues. Now with Solution Builders we get real time answers and a 5-Star Help Desk! Their knowledge of our networks and Office 365 makes our company more productive and their strategic recommendation to move us to our new platform has really set us up for success.

Proud to partner with Solution Builders!

— Nick Wenner, Vice-President Operations, Pallet Service Corporation

During our 4 years of working together, they have seamlessly helped us scale support from 26 users to over 60 users while standardizing and stabilizing our IT environment between our three locations. From Help Desk to Backup solutions, Infrastructure Overhauls to Project Support we are confident in their abilities to proactively maximize uptime. They take all things IT off my list of concerns and they just handle it. They are honest, fair and professional. We are proud to partner with Solution Builders!

Solution Builders gives us piece of mind

— Matt Wikus, AIA Wilkus Architects

When our system was down, we had a software glitch or email didn’t work, our architectural firm couldn’t work – and that was expensive! Solution Builders gives us piece of mind. With their proactive approach and built-in redundancies we no longer have down time- just reliability and high productivity! Prior to hiring Solution Builders I tracked my time and discovered that over 40% of my time was spent on IT issues. Now my time is spent as billable time serving our clients and growing our business. Solution Builders is not a vendor… they are our professional IT Department and a strategic partner!

We count on Solution Builders to make our IT work

— Steve Erchul, Managing Principal, Smith Schafer & Associates

As an accounting and business consulting firm, our Technology Consulting Practice assists companies to leverage technology. But when it comes to our piece of mind, we count on Solution Builders to make our IT work. These top tech professionals have cleaned up our network and provide expert knowledge of accounting industry software to support our team and maximize our productivity. Their proactive IT management system delivers – our firm has not experienced server down time in over 5 years! Solution Builders worry-free IT environment allows us to really focus on building client-first relationships with our business and individual clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

For expert IT solutions, you've come to the right place.

What size local governments do you handle?

Our client base of local governments spans from very small (5 users) to very large (over 100 staff members).

Do you replace in-house IT staff?

Depending on the needs of our government clients, we can replace in-house IT staff with our Managed IT Services and Virtual CIO services. We can also partner with an in-house staff (either an IT Director, Manager or Help Desk) to complement their skillsets with in-depth IT knowledge.

What if we are outside the Twin Cities, St. Cloud, Rochester or Mankato markets?

No problem! We can provide remote IT services anywhere in the state.

Our data security is a top priority. What security measures and tools does Solution Builders use?

We use top-of-the-line, best-in-class security for all our clients. We also have an enhanced security bundle that’s available to add to our managed IT services that takes cybersecurity and password management to the next level.