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As a manufacturer, technology has significant impact on your bottom line. Technology has quickly become a fundamental part for manufacturing companies in order to succeed throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

Technology has the ability to reduce the cost of supply chain management, improve product design and delivery, and optimize your overall manufacturing process.







Solution Builders has been the preferred choice for those in need of technology and IT services specifically designed for manufacturers. In today’s fast-paced manufacturing industry, your company must leverage innovative technologies to gain a competitive edge. If you’re looking to improve product quality, increase profit margins, and decrease delivery time, we will align your technology to your business needs so you can accomplish your goals and find success.

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Ideally, your manufacturing business must have a technology partner to assist you with meeting and exceeding your short and long-term goals. You’ll receive benefits from working with the Solution Builders team like:


Reliable Outsourced Technology & IT Management

You’ll consult with our team where we discuss your business goals, sort through the complex technology inside your manufacturing company, and align your technology needs and resources as a trusted partner.


Complete Network Security

You’ll get a comprehensive network security solution to protect your network, your workstations, and your most important data against security threats such as malware, viruses, and cybercrime because of the proven and scalable approach we take with your business.


Help Desk Support

Our team of technology and IT professionals are available around-the-clock to address all your questions and concerns while resolving issues before disruption or downtime occurs.


Data Backup & Disaster Avoidance

You’ll receive onsite and offsite data backup, as well as disaster avoidance planning to keep your technology and IT systems accessible in the event of a disaster or any sort of downtime.


We understand the importance of your technology and treat your technology as our top priority. Our goal is to ensure your production, office technology, and IT systems are up and running at all times, your data is secure and accessible, and your staff has access to the IT support needed to maintain productivity.

Partner with a technology and IT provider who will guide you in navigating the tricky nuances of manufacturing IT and technology. We’ve been serving the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul market since 1995 and want to be your technology partner.

Ready to Make Technology Work For You?

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