Phoenix Managed IT Services

We serve as your business’ technology department.

Providing Comprehensive Outsourced IT Services in Phoenix, AZ

We design tailored IT services to fit each client’s requirements.

Solution Builders is an IT company providing managed services to local Phoenix businesses. We have an experienced team specializing in all aspects of information technology, such as server maintenance, software installation and upgrades, data security, and cloud computing. Solution Builders also offers 24/7 support to ensure our clients have access to answers and solutions they need when they need them.

By choosing Solution Builders for Managed IT Services in Phoenix, businesses can count on consistent delivery of their daily IT needs while benefiting from preventative measures that protect their network against unexpected issues or disasters.

  •  Expertise: Solution Builders has years of experience and expertise in all areas of information technology. This allows us to provide you with the best possible service and support.
  •  Cost Savings: Our managed IT solutions often result in cost savings. Solution Builders can optimize your systems and networks and find ways to improve efficiency and productivity.
  •  Scalability: Managed IT services are scalable, meaning they can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. This allows you to get the most out of your technology while keeping costs down.


Solution Builders is proud to provide comprehensive outsourced IT services in Phoenix, AZ. Our team of IT professionals specializes in networking, storage solutions and cloud-based services. Solution Builders also offers consulting services to help our clients with their unique IT needs.

We provide everything from server virtualization and data security to VoIP solutions and public cloud utilization. Our dedication to customer service is unparalleled – we strive for the highest degree of responsiveness and expertise in every client interaction. Solution Builders is committed to offering the best possible outsourced IT services for Phoenix businesses.


Technology Strategy & Planning

Solution Builders’ technology strategy and planning group provides advanced managed IT services to give a competitive edge to our clients in Phoenix. Using our creative problem-solving skills and on-demand business analysis, Solution Builders can handle any outsourced IT service needs that a business might have.

Solution Builders brings together tactical and strategic planning capabilities to enable businesses to prepare for the future while leveraging existing resources with smartly designed initiatives.

Project Manage


IT project management is essential for businesses in today’s global economy. Solution Builders’ IT platform offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored for businesses in Phoenix to stay competitive. By outsourcing managed IT services, Solution Builders provides our clients with efficient solutions that can help to propel your business forward.


Solution Builders offers comprehensive managed IT services to organizations of all sizes in Phoenix with our Microsoft 365 management services. This outsourced service ensures that Office & Microsoft 365 remain up-to-date and compliant with industry regulations and properly configured for optimal performance. Along with routine maintenance, Solution Builders quickly resolve any technical issues or errors before they cause serious disruption.
Managed It Tampa Solution Builders


Solution Builders provides Managed IT Services that include technology and data backup management. We understand the importance of protecting your data and have the experience and expertise to ensure your data is backed up and safe. We use various methods to back up your data, including online backup, offsite storage, and encrypted media. We also offer data recovery services if your data is lost or damaged. With Solution Builders, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure.
It Project Solution Services

IT Consulting Phoenix

Solution Builders provides outsourced IT services to Phoenix businesses needing project management and risk analysis. In addition, we offer IT management services, so businesses can benefit from a comprehensive technology partnership that strategically supports their organization’s goals. With Solution Builders, our clients can rest assured knowing that their IT investments are supported and maintained by industry-leading professionals.
Cloud Man Services

Managed Cloud

With the option of managed cloud services services, Solution Builders has become a one-stop shop for businesses looking to outsource their IT services in Phoenix. From providing infrastructure assessment and design to offering a broad range of hosting platforms, Solution Builders delivers complete managed cloud services within budget and without fail.
Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Phoenix

Solution Builders offers comprehensive, cutting-edge cyber security services that meet the needs of businesses operating in the modern digital age. As a leading outsourcing IT company serving Phoenix, Solution Builders offers various cost-effective security solutions to protect against data breaches and malicious cyber activities.

Providing Managed IT Services to Phoenix, AZ, Businesses of All Types

Solution Builders offers outsourced IT services and customized managed IT services to businesses of all types in Phoenix, AZ, – from small businesses to midsize enterprises. We prioritize both cost-effectiveness and security, making our solutions the best value for your money.

Managed IT Services for Healthcare In Phoenix

Healthcare companies are increasingly turning to Solution Builders in Phoenix for their outsourced IT services and managed IT services needs. Solution Builders provides quality IT staff, technology, and expertise to healthcare organizations so they can ensure their information systems are up-to-date and uphold HIPAA compliance.

IT Consulting for Manufacturing in Phoenix

Solution Builders is a leading company of outsourced IT services in the Phoenix area focused on providing innovative managed IT services to the manufacturing industry. Utilizing the most advanced technology available, we offer businesses the opportunity to remain competitive by streamlining operations.
It Project Solution Services

IT Consulting for Construction in Phoenix

Solution Builders is confident that by taking advantage of our outsourced IT services, your construction company will be able to streamline its operations while also ensuring improved user experience. We know that among the benefits of outsourcing, clients will be able to shave off more costs in the long run, allowing them to focus on aligning with the ever-changing needs in the industry.


If you’re a business in the Tampa-St. Contact Solution Builders today in Petersburg-Clearwater, FL Area and require Managed IT Services. We’ll work with you to create a customized plan that fits your specific needs and budget. We’re here to help you grow and succeed, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!


Managed IT Services is a comprehensive approach to managing and maintaining your business’s IT infrastructure. It includes everything from 24/7 monitoring and support to on-site repairs and maintenance.
Managed IT Services can save your business time and money by ensuring that your IT infrastructure is always running smoothly. It can also help you avoid costly downtime and disruptions by providing around-the-clock support.
Managed IT Services by Solution Builders are customized to fit your specific needs and budget. We’ll work with you to create a plan that fits your budget and provides the services you need.