Managed Cloud

We manage your cloud infrastructure, securely and efficiently.

Managed Cloud

You can rely on us to keep your cloud infrastructure working to your advantage.

Our ThnAir Managed Cloud services allow you to focus on running your business, putting precious capital to work to drive business results, not pay for servers and expensive hardware. Launched in 2009, ThnAir Managed Cloud leverages the largest cloud providers in the country and combines the in-depth experience of Solution Builders support and best practices to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Office 365 and Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure

We’ve been a Microsoft Cloud Partner since its inception, and now 10 years into their program, we have many migrations with thousands of seats under our belt. The keys to a successful Office 365 migration are a solid work plan, knowledgeable and experienced technicians, and tools which make the transition trouble free for your staff.

Here are some of the services we’ve successfully migrated to Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure:

  • On-Premise Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2008, and 2013 to Office 365 (all licensing models)
  • Gmail to Office 365 (all licensing models)
  • SharePoint On Premise (all versions) to SharePoint Online
  • Other email systems to Office 365
  • Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams
  • Phone systems to Microsoft Teams Calling Plans
  • In-Cloud Windows Servers to Azure Servers (cloud to cloud migration)
  • Windows Server Shares to Microsoft Teams Files and SharePoint Online
  • Physical desktops to desktops as a service in-cloud utilizing Windows RDS (Terminal Services)

Lumen Managed Hosting Services

We’ve been working with Lumen Technologies (formerly Century Link) for many years now, assisting clients in managing resources in the semi-private and private hosting environment that Lumen Technologies provides. If your organization is thinking about deploying servers in a semi-private or completely private cloud hosting environment, contact one of our cloud hosting and migration technology experts.

Here are some of the services we’ve successfully migrated to Lumen Technologies semi-private and private hosting environment.

  • Physical infrastructure migration from on-premise to in-cloud
  • Physical desktops to desktops as a service in-cloud utilizing Windows RDS (Terminal Services)

Other Cloud Services

We manage all of our client’s cloud infrastructure, no matter where it is. From 3rd party hosting services to G-mail and G-suite, to Software as a Service (SAAS), our expertise is deep and here to help you be successful in whatever platform you need to be on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our Cloud Expertise.

I have an on-premise Exchange server. Is it time to migrate to Office 365?

Yes, it is time to migrate as we find the overall feature set and security tools to be much more comprehensive and less expensive than you can put together yourself. To put things into perspective, we haven’t deployed an on-premise Exchange server in eight years. Office 365 is just that much better.

My servers are at end of life now. Is the cloud ready to replace them?

It depends on a number of factors and honestly, there is no one right answer for any organization. Our technicians are experts in assisting clients develop a strategic roadmap in migrating to the cloud (or not), so we recommend contacting our technology experts and arrange a no-obligation consultation to discuss the pros and cons of migrating your server infrastructure to the cloud.

I am in a heavily regulated industry like healthcare or financial services. Is the cloud safe for my business?

Yes, with the proper planning and security best practices, your cloud infrastructure can be even more secure than an on-premise deployment (thieves can’t break in and steal your servers!). We have migrated many regulated industry clients and they are all satisfied with the results and no longer have to worry about large capital outlays every few years.

My current Managed Service Provider sells Office 365 to me. Can this be converted to Solution Builders?

Yes, during the onboarding process, we can “swing” the Office 365 billing from your current provider to Solution Builders quickly and efficiently with no downtime or migration fees.