Project Management

Solution Builders manages all of your IT projects for worry-free installations.

Project Management

Managing your IT projects professionally is a passion of ours.

Our clients always comment that they love that Solution Builders includes project management in managed IT services. It makes something they are unfamiliar with “easy” and “stress-free”.

Delivering a trouble-free project management experience for our clients is a top priority for our project services team. They utilize a proven process for managing IT projects that covers quoting through final end-user training. This allows your team to achieve their goals – all while reducing downtime and finishing the project on time and on budget.

The project management process starts well before the project is ever scheduled to be quoted. How do we do this? By anticipating our client’s needs through our proven managed IT process called SB360. With SB360, we see into the future – your future – looking for outdated or no longer useful technology and planning for its replacement. Your benefit is that each year, you know your IT budget up front.

Our technology experts are passionate about managing your IT projects professionally. Contact us to learn more about our project management services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more abour our Project Management Services.

What types of projects does Solution Builders manage?

We manage anything Solution Builders is responsible for deploying for our clients. Workstation deployments and rotations, printer deployments, Windows server replacements, Office 365 migrations, firewall and switch deployments and just about any other technology typically used by our clients.

How often am I updated on project status?

Depending on how large the project is, the project manager assigned to the project will have regular update meetings with the client. These can vary from daily to weekly depending on the project.

Our company is moving offices soon. Will Solution Builders manage the move for me?

Solution Builders will manage the technology part of your office move – keeping you free to focus on moving the business. We’ll handle the technology.