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Solution Builders is committed to understanding your business and its technology, pain points, and unique opportunities. Through our SB360 process, we help you align your technology needs with your business strategy in order to create a comprehensive plan that helps your company meet its goals and improve overall productivity. We work with you to develop your technology strategy, roadmap and resource plan – then we communicate it in terms that you understand. Solution Builders is a solution agnostic technology partner – from our depth of expertise we bring the solutions that are best for your unique needs and fit within your budget.

Solution Builders SB360 Managed Services Proven Process

Our SB360 five step process

Client Discussion and Understanding
Through consistent and planned meetings, we work with you to develop your technology strategy, roadmap and resource plan -- then we communicate it in terms that you understand.
Network Health Reviews and Alignment
We do periodic and extensive audits of all of your current technology, infrastructure and networks to ensure you have the best technology at your disposal.
Client Discussions and Long Term Planning
We work with you as your technology partner to answer all your questions and help you put together a long term plan for your business’ technology, talking about the Network Health Reviews, and how your infrastructure is doing - helping you plan for the future.
Stable and Predictable IT Infrastructure
The combination of understanding your organization and knowing the technology you use results in delivering a stable and predictable IT infrastructure.
Client Satisfaction and Stability
With a stable and consistent IT environment, you have one less thing to worry about. One of our company values is customer service above all and we stay true to that mission, ensuring you and your business are in good hands at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What size organization does the SB360 process work for?

We service small to mid-size businesses, and all of them can have SB360 managed IT services.

How frequently is a client's technology infrastructure evaluated?

The frequency of auditing a client's infrastructure is based on the size and complexity of the infrastructure. These intervals typically range anywhere between 90 days and 180 days.

Why is this process the best?

We have been using and updating our client management process called SB360 for many years and it continues to deliver results for our clients. Take a look at what our clients say about it!