We manage all of your technology efficiently and maximize it to your business needs.

Technology Management

We’ll focus on managing your IT and you can focus on managing your business.

Our client’s are pretty amazing and one of the things they expect from us is world class technology management. We’ve taken their hint and expanded it to a comprehensive technology management service offering – all included in our managed IT services offerings.

Technology Management

We Cover It All
We don’t nickel and dime our clients to death. Our managed IT service offerings cover all technology our clients use. Servers, firewalls, cloud services, company owned smartphones, networking, and printers – just to name a few. As technology experts, we often get asked questions about anything with a chip, so we make sure we cover just about everything with a chip in our service offerings.
Servers and Storage
We manage our client’s servers as though they were our own. Nope, we won’t hug them, but they are managed according to our years-in-the-making best practices, so they perform to expectations and failures are rare. Our client management process keeps a tab on their age and health, so if something comes up or gets to end of life, you already knew about it and had the budget set aside. We don’t like surprises, so we work hard at not giving you surprises.
Microsoft Hyper-V and Other Virtualization Platforms
We have been managing clients running on Hyper-V since the beta versions of Hyper-V, so we have extensive experience in not only managing Hyper-V and other virtualization environments, but making them perform well. All included in our managed IT services.
Firewalls and Switches
We manage and maintain our client’s firewalls and switches according to our best practices – with a keen eye on security as the default.

Cloud Services
The Cloud is something we've been managing for our clients for a long time. In fact, we recommend all of our clients run some or all of their information technology on the Cloud. Whether you have parts or all of your infrastructure in a cloud service, support for that infrastructure is included in each of our managed IT service plans.

Phone Systems and Smartphones
Phone system support is included in our managed IT service plans and we help with staff onboarding and terminations. However, we aren’t experts at every system, so we ask that clients maintain a service agreement on their phone systems so we have someone to call. Just about everyone has a smartphone and company owned smartphones are included with support.

You name the printer and we have probably seen it and supported it. Typically, our clients have office productivity printers and copiers and support for those are included in most of our support agreements.

Other Hardware
Occasionally, our clients come up with other hardware necessary to run their business. Do we support it? Maybe! Contact one of our technology support experts to find out.

Technology Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lean more about our Technology Management Services.

My server is 12 years old. Do you support it?

Yes, we support it, but honestly, if it is 12 years old and the applications on that server are still in production, we will work with you to build a disaster recovery plan for this server. The hardware will eventually fail and we typically would virtualize that server and run it virtually on premise (if you have the infrastructure to do so) or migrate it to a cloud server.

Do you have a preference for firewalls?

When we onboard a new client, we support their existing infrastructure until end of life or end of useful life. At replacement time, SonicWall is our recommended firewall replacement as our support environment is geared toward SonicWall and they produce the best predictable outcome for our clients.

How do you support my business’ technology?

We have a large investment in cutting edge remote management and monitoring tools all designed to deliver uptime and results our clients expect. All equipment under a support agreement is monitored 24x7 for hardware failure and our technicians have remote access capabilities to resolve issues quickly – no matter time of day or where they are.