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Your organization deserves a trusted technology partner who has your back when assisting you in technology strategy and planning. One who serves as a guide as your craft and implement your strategic technology plans. You deserve a partner who will guide you in identifying IT and technology challenges, and one who will work tirelessly to implement all the appropriate tools and resources necessary to solve these.

Here’s what you should expect from a strategic technology planning offering from Solution Builders.







You want a technology partner who understands your technology and IT. As your technology partner we want to know it all. It’s our goal to assess and gain insights that allows your team and ours to deliver a thorough report of all the solutions that guide you in accomplishing your specific business objectives. It is through this process that a customized plan and strategic technology plan can be developed.

You want technology strategy and planning that aligns with your business goals. Your business technologies should improve your day-to-day operations, not impair them. With a trusted technology partner guiding you, you can finally realize the potential ROI of your technology investments. You’ll receive guidance from our team of experts who will align business with your IT needs, while keeping in perspective the costs associated with them.

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We’re certain that one of your main objectives is to increase productivity and efficiency. And having a resource that acts as a virtual CIO as a technology partner means finding the right technology solutions for your business. You’ll get a comprehensive and actionable report that addresses technology solutions like security, disaster recovery, business continuity, and maintenance and monitoring.


Partner with a technology and IT provider who will plan and implement your technology consulting and talent services with you, so you end up being the hero to your clients and customers. Solution Builders is different because of our proven, scalable process. We don’t talk geeky-tech talk, rather our goal is to align your technology needs and resources as a trusted partner because of our proven approach we take with your business. We’ve been serving the greater Minneapolis St. Paul market since 1995 and want to be your technology partner.

Ready to Make Technology Work For You?

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