Top 4 Tech Trend Predictions for 2022

Top 4 Tech Trend Predictions for 2022

Technology has been a driving force in business transformation over the last few decades, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The fact that direct digital transformation investments are projected to total $7 trillion between 2020 and 2023 is a clear indication of this. In today’s fast-changing business environment, having the right technologies can help your firm stay competitive – so we have the top 4 tech trend predictions for 2022.

To achieve their goals and stay competitive in the face of rapid technological change, businesses must keep up with the demands of the evolving technology landscape. Companies that are successful in the modern business environment tend to be those who have a strong understanding of their industry and an eye toward the future. This means that they’re always looking for ways to improve their processes and streamline their operations – which can also help them avoid getting caught up in ransomware attacks.

Top 4 tech trend predictions for 2022

Third-Party Risks Will Increase In 2022, third parties will be involved in 60% of security breaches. Any firm that fails to invest in the all-important trifecta of people, processes and technology may face cyberattacks. For businesses to be proactive, they must include risk assessment, supply chain mapping, real-time risk intelligence, and business continuity management in their IT stack.

One-third of companies will fail at implementing “work from anywhere” To empower remote workers successfully and securely, organizations need to deliver:

  • A precisely designed digital workplace that allows for seamless working from anywhere
  • A leadership team capable of leading a virtual team
  • An organization with high levels of digital literacy across all departments
  • A thorough mastery of work-from-anywhere concepts

Cloud-native Takes Center Stage Businesses will increasingly use cloud computing to run every aspect of their business, rather than just a few things. Cloud-native adoption is predicted to reach 50% of enterprise organizations by the end 2022, and it’s expected that all major technology domains—including big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things—will be impacted.

Tech executives are increasingly turning to human-centered technology for digital transformation. The best tech executives will embrace a customer-centric approach to technology, allowing their organization to quickly reconfigure business structures and capabilities to meet future customer and employee needs with adaptability, innovation, and resilience. This approach can be enabled by human-centered technology that is designed to support the development of new organizational capabilities. It will also improve customer experiences and business outcomes by enabling organizations to better anticipate and respond to changing customer needs.

Are you looking to finish out your already successful 2022 with creation of a well-structured infrastructure? The need for an adaptive and forward-thinking approach to technology is growing. As organizations continue to evolve, their technology needs will change as well. It’s no longer enough to have a static solution that can support today’s business needs—enterprises must be able to reconfigure their business structures and capabilities quickly to meet future customer and employee needs with adaptability, innovation, and resilience.

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