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Since 1995, we've been working with businesses just like yours providing Managed IT Services and Technology and IT Management Solutions to solve typical IT and technology issues. We do this by using our proven and scalable process which aligns your technology needs and resources with our trusted outsourced IT support services resulting in a stable and scalable IT infrastructure for your business.

Our technology service provider and managed IT services are ideal for industries such as accounting, financial services, healthcare, local government, foundations, nonprofit, manufacturing, and other general businesses struggling with their technology.

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Do you hire out all IT or manage some yourself? Where ever you fall on the spectrum, our team is here to help.

IT isn’t your main area of expertise, but you’re great at running your business. You want to hand off your IT services to a technology partner you can trust.

You understand a lot about IT and want a hand in how it’s all run, but you’re open to delegating so you can balance your growing your business with your IT needs.

You are an IT manager or director who’s looking for some help on your bigger projects. We’re here to partner with you for support as you expertly handle your company’s IT department.

managed it

Our flagship managed services products take the stress and headaches out of managing your IT infrastructure and technology investment.

it project

IT Project Solutions services guide you in managing your technology and IT projects.

Business Continuity

Backup & Disaster Recovery services prevents technology disasters inside your business.

Technology consulting
and talent services

Technology Consulting and Talent Services provides you with the best talent and technology consultants.

cyber security

Cyber security services protect your business from outside technology threats.

dedicated client
relationship manager

Your client relationship manager is dedicated to your organization’s success – it’s like they are your employee – looking for ways to improve technology results.


A stable and trouble-free IT environment depends on aligning the way your technology is configured with industry best practices.

monthly fees

Skip the “nickel and dime” method for billing with our managed services plans. Everything is included for a single monthly fee.

Transform your Organization with Office 365

Learn from our Office 365 Migration Experts

Download our free whitepaper for business leaders and IT administrators – answering common questions and providing guidance to implementing Office 365 and Microsoft Cloud Services.

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our values

Our number one goal is to deliver professional and expert value to our clients by providing the technology and IT management solutions they need to conduct business efficiently, and at a much lower cost.

Your IT Services technology partner from Dover to San Diego and from Miami to Seattle. Regardless of where your company is located, we are here to help.

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Solution Builders set us up for success

— Greg Kenton, Vice-President, BlueWater Manufacturing

Increasingly I had become worried about security and lacked confidence in our back-up systems. With two of us handling all our IT issues I realized that we did not have the skills/expertise to resolve many of our IT issues. Now with Solution Builders we get real time answers and a 5-Star Help Desk! Their knowledge of our networks and Office 365 makes our company more productive and their strategic recommendation to move us to our new platform has really set us up for success.

Proud to partner with Solution Builders!

— Nick Wenner, Vice-President Operations, Pallet Service Corporation

During our 4 years of working together, they have seamlessly helped us scale support from 26 users to over 60 users while standardizing and stabilizing our IT environment between our three locations. From Help Desk to Backup solutions, Infrastructure Overhauls to Project Support we are confident in their abilities to proactively maximize uptime. They take all things IT off my list of concerns and they just handle it. They are honest, fair and professional. We are proud to partner with Solution Builders!

Solution Builders gives us piece of mind

— Matt Wikus, AIA Wilkus Architects

When our system was down, we had a software glitch or email didn’t work, our architectural firm couldn’t work – and that was expensive! Solution Builders gives us piece of mind. With their proactive approach and built-in redundancies we no longer have down time- just reliability and high productivity! Prior to hiring Solution Builders I tracked my time and discovered that over 40% of my time was spent on IT issues. Now my time is spent as billable time serving our clients and growing our business. Solution Builders is not a vendor… they are our professional IT Department and a strategic partner!

We count on Solution Builders to make our IT work

— Steve Erchul, Managing Principal, Smith Schafer & Associates

As an accounting and business consulting firm, our Technology Consulting Practice assists companies to leverage technology. But when it comes to our piece of mind, we count on Solution Builders to make our IT work. These top tech professionals have cleaned up our network and provide expert knowledge of accounting industry software to support our team and maximize our productivity. Their proactive IT management system delivers – our firm has not experienced server down time in over 5 years! Solution Builders worry-free IT environment allows us to really focus on building client-first relationships with our business and individual clients.