Four Reasons Your CPA Firm Should Outsource Its IT Services


As the owner of a CPA firm, you have a lot riding on your shoulders.

When most or all of your staff and/or your client base is working from home, making sure you have the right policies in place and the right tools and techniques to manage any potential challenges is a number one priority to the vitality of your business in this uncertain time. Especially when it comes to your information technology.

Everything you do in business is connected in some way to technology and the internet. And with advancements in both, there are some very high rewards along with some very high risks. In 2018, Inc. reported that 60% of small businesses fold within six months of a cyber-attack.

You have a lot of decisions to make as a business owner and when it comes to IT, one big decision is whether you want to outsource your IT services or keep them in-house. In the times we live in now, having a solid IT strategy and team of IT experts for your business is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. And outsourcing your IT expertise can help take the pressure off from some of those big decisions, along with ensuring you and your business are reaping the rewards and avoiding the risks of the new internet age. Here are some of ways outsourcing your IT can do that:

Cost efficiency because of outsourced IT, designed just for your CPA firm

Simply put, outsourcing your IT services will save you thousands in terms of both time and money. By outsourcing your IT needs, you will not have to worry about hiring and training IT employees, nor will you need to worry about installing expensive IT infrastructures and hardware inside your company.

Subject matter experts who specialize in working you

When you outsource your IT services, you’re not compromising any on quality. In fact, you’re consulting the subject matter experts. Outsource IT companies are comprised completely of employees who are dedicated to being experts in one field: Information Technology. You are consulting the best of the best. And as a small to mid-size CPA firm, when you outsource your IT needs, you are expanding your network to include not only the resources you already have, but the resources of a technology firm. Not only do those employees know what they’re doing from their own advanced training, but they also are all up to date on the newest trends and technologies that will help enhance the IT for you company, making sure you have the latest technology and security.

Compliance and security for your staff

Speaking of security, it’s your outsource IT company’s job to have their finger on the pulse of the most efficient technology for keeping your company and client’s information safe. And when it comes to client transfer of information, you can rely on your outsourced IT team to ensure the protection of your client’s data. By having your outsourced IT team set up data transfers and ensure storage infrastructure, you won’t have to worry about your client’s information getting lost or it being hard to access by the right people while also being protected from the wrong people.

And when it comes to troubleshooting and disaster recovery, having a team that is completely focused on doing the right thing quickly to make sure you and your business are protected can help you breathe a little easier. By leaving it up to the subject matter experts at the IT company you outsource to, you can focus on the core of your business.

Focus and other benefits

By not having to worry about hiring and training in-house IT employees or having to deal with IT infrastructure in your office, you can focus on the core of your business. Decision fatigue is common in many high priority issues, both in life and business, might as well take several decisions off your plate: all of the decisions about IT. By outsourcing your IT, you will better be able to focus on your clients and your in-house employees and will have to worry less about the important issues pertaining to things like software, hardware, and cyber-security. You will have better peace of mind and more time to make those other big business decisions.

Your Technology Partner

We want to see you succeed in these ways and many more in your business. These are uncertain times, but we have your back as your technology partner. Our subject matter experts are top quality and will make sure we get to know you and your business in order to find and implement the best IT solutions for you and your business. Fill out the form below.

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