Staying Organized While Working from Home

Staying Organized While Working from Home

Staying organized while working from home can be a challenge. Whether it’s your kids distracting you or Zoom fatigue hitting during the workday, it’s easy to feel disorganized when your home and your work is in the same place. However, there are some helpful tools you can use to keep your work schedule and to-do’s neat and tidy!



Back to the basics with a monthly calendar! Digital calendars can help give you a full picture of the month ahead with week-by-week digital spaces for you to schedule deadlines, appointments, and events. The calendar section of a tool like Microsoft Outlook can help you sync up your calendar with coworkers, so you can find times to have meetings with ease. It’ll even allow you to create different color calendars for different aspects of your life, such as a birthday’s one or a work one, and you can choose whether they’re visible all the time or not, making that work/life balance that much more achievable!



Managing the small tasks in a big project has never been easier. Tools like Microsoft Tasks, which is accessible both on Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams, allow you to create different folders that house your to-do lists. You can also set deadlines, reminders, priority level, and start dates to each of your tasks. Each task has a satisfying green check button when you’ve completed the task and they can all sync to your Outlook calendar!



Whether it’s taking notes during your Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings or gathering research for a project, apps like OneNote allow you to sync all of your notes to multiple devices and multiple users as well as create folders and subfolders for all your notes.


Tools like this are designed to make working from anywhere simple and easy. All of these tools not only have an online option but also desktop and smart phone applications with cloud backup. From daily to-do’s to large projects with multiple steps, you’re sure to find a tool that works best for you in the format that’s most accessible to you and your work from home style.


By Taylor J. Bye, Customer Engagement Specialist