4 Technology Related New Year’s Resolutions

4 Technology Related New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! You know what that means, time for some New Year’s Resolutions. Here we will talk about 4 technology related New Year’s resolutions for you and your organization.

But first, you might be asking, “Why do I need to make these 4 Technology Related New Year’s Resolutions or any other?”

Most people set New Year’s resolutions because they are aiming for a fresh start as the calendar turns a page. Maybe that is something you feel resonates all too well. Often people are seeking to make improvements in their lives like getting more exercise, eating well, or reading more. It can really be anything.

This time of year, there is that rejuvenating feeling of starting the year anew which makes it a great time to look at your and your organization’s technology and see what could use some new life. That is why we have 4 technology related New Year’s resolutions for you to consider to get some ideas for what works for you.


4 Technology Related New Year’s Resolutions

Resolution #1 – Password Security/Manager

A common New Year’s Resolution people have is decluttering. A good way to do that with your technology is to have a password manager thereby decluttering and keeping track of the many passwords you have. There are several good options out there but what you are really looking for is a password manager that encrypts your passwords and stores them in a password vault. Then you only need to remember your master password to enter the vault.

Remember, saving your passwords in a browser is risky and susceptible to phishing malware.

Resolution #2 – MFA

Another good password related resolution for you and your organization is being sure to turn on multi-factor authentication (MFA), sometimes called two-factored authentication (TFA). Many accounts that you commonly use have MFA options embedded in them. They often will send a code to your phone or email address associated with the account that you enter after inputting the correct password. There are also some other MFA applications that you can set up with certain accounts.

Additionally, there are systems that use a physical token that can be set up for your organization to use such as scanning an ID badge when logging into your computer.

Resolution #3 – Vulnerability Scanning

As cyber security becomes a higher concern for organizations to combat cyber-attacks such as phishing, a good resolution to start this year is conducting routine vulnerability scanning, or penetration testing, for your organization’s IT environment. A third-party vulnerability assessment can inspect your organization’s IT environment for security vulnerabilities you have.

Remember, there is no perfect IT environment due to the ever-changing landscape of technology so you constantly will need to be improving your cyber security. A third-party vulnerability scan can help you find the holes that need patching. Making a resolution to have reoccurring vulnerability scans.

Resolution #4 – Security Awareness Training

Maybe you are considering getting some personal fitness training as your New Year’s Resolution. Consider also getting some cyber security training. Cyber-criminals are always trying to improve on their attacks to work around updates and patches to software and systems, so you too should always be working to improve your awareness of their new tactics.

Set the resolution this year to receive routine cyber security awareness training. Maybe that is quarterly or monthly, either way it is important to start.


Just like we look at the year ahead for fresh opportunities in different areas of life let us not forget to also see what opportunities lie ahead for our organization’s IT environment. These 4 technology related New Year’s resolutions we discussed can be great opportunities to take the energy and drive that is often so high at the beginning of the year to really dive in and take steps to improve on our cyber security and make the most out of our IT environments.

What IT resolutions are you going to commit to this year? We hope these 4 technology related New Year’s resolutions help get those creative juices flowing as you take on the year ahead.

As always, we are here to help.