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Managed cloud backup services provide comprehensive solutions for securing data across various platforms and devices within an organization. These cloud services offer scalable, cloud-based storage solutions to safeguard critical business data against loss, corruption, or security breaches. With features like automated backups, data encryption, and easy recovery options, businesses can ensure continuity and compliance with industry standards.

Managed cloud backup services not only minimize the risk of data loss but also free up IT resources, allowing companies to focus on core operations and growth. By entrusting data backup to experts, organizations benefit from enhanced security, reduced operational costs, and peace of mind, knowing their data is protected and easily recoverable in any situation.


We manage your data backups to keep your company’s critical data safe and secure.

Managed cloud backup services are probably the most critical service we perform for our clients, and we take it very seriously. Whether you still use legacy tapes, on-premise disk-based backups, or cloud solutions, we manage them all and verify that they work!


Sometimes, legacy backups just happen. Whether it is an older server with a tape drive or a previous vendor’s apprehension regarding cloud backups, it doesn’t matter to us – we manage it for you. Our proven process for managing data backups and recovery works every time, so even if the data backup solution your business is running on is a little bit older, we’ve got it covered.


Our cloud backup solutions are time-tested and proven to work. Cloud backups can mean different things to different people, so let’s address a few.

Managed cloud service backups are backups where we are backing up cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure or Office 365. To backup these services, you need special backup services, and we are familiar with and experienced in best-of-breed cloud service backup platforms. All of our cloud services backup solutions are fully managed according to our documented, proven process and best practices – so you can rest easy knowing your data is recoverable in the event a recovery is needed.

Cloud backups for on-premise servers are where we are backing up local servers and replicating the backup data to the cloud for offsite storage. Our cloud backups for on-premise server solutions are managed according to our documented, proven process and best practices. So you can rest easy knowing your data loss is recoverable if a recovery is needed.

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