6 Signs You Need a Tech Refresh

6 Signs You Need a Tech Refresh

If your computer or network systems are running slowly, constantly have pop-ups, or aren’t able to keep up with the latest software, it could be time for a tech refresh. Here are 6 signs you need a tech refresh:

Computer Systems are Running Slow

A slow computer can be caused by several factors. Here are some of the most common:

  • Malware, viruses, and spyware. These malicious programs cause your computer to slow down or even stop working altogether. They may also corrupt your files, making them unreadable. If you suspect your computer has been infected with malware, consider running an antivirus or malware scanner and removal program to scan for infections that may have slipped past the other security measures you have in place.
  • Lack of memory (RAM). If you find yourself constantly using your laptop’s virtual memory (the hard drive) instead of its RAM, upgrading might make sense for you—especially if this problem has persisted over time without resolution despite efforts on your part.
  • Lack of storage space. While many computers have ample storage space, we still see older computers with limited storage space – slowing them down.
  • Lacking processor power: A fast processor can help speed up tasks such as opening programs, watching videos online, etc., but it’s only one factor among many that determines how fast something will run on any given machine. Upgrading  a processor may help, but it won’t automatically solve all problems related to slowness.

Suspicious Pop-ups Occur Frequently

Chances are you’ve seen a pop-up ad in your browser before. They’re usually the ones that show up when you try to close a tab or restart your PC, and it’s likely they were caused by something malicious.

However, not all suspicious pop-ups are caused by viruses or malware—they can be caused by websites as well. If you have any doubts about whether an ad is legitimate, it may be time to do a deep scan for malware or install a fresh copy of Windows on your computer. If the hardware has reached its scheduled replacement window, it should just be replaced rather than cleaned up.

Computers or Networks Abruptly Shut Down

It’s normal for systems to shut down to install critical updates. However, if the shutdowns are frequent and unpredictable, then there’s a problem that needs to be addressed. While random shutdowns can be due to a range of factors, such as an unstable power supply, virus/malware, or corrupted files, it could also be a warning sign that the system is due for an update/refresh.

Slow Internet Connection

Your internet connection is one of the most important aspects of your business. If it’s not working properly, you’re going to have a hard time running your business. But how do you know if there’s an issue with your internet connection? Here are some signs that may indicate that something is going on:

  • You don’t have enough bandwidth for all the devices in your office. If this is happening, then it means that either there are too many people using the same network at once or that there are too many devices trying to access a single resource over the network. This could be caused by anything from an old router with limited capacity, not enough bandwidth to begin with, or poor WiFi coverage throughout your workspace (if it’s very large). Either way, make sure that everyone in the office knows what they can do to avoid overloading these systems — and consider upgrading them if necessary!
  • You have a mis-configured network. Often, a network will be configured properly when it is first deployed, but over time, the configuration changes when someone tries to “improve” the network by moving cables around. We’ve even seen an ISP mis-configure devices resulting in poor Internet connectivity.

Systems Don’t Integrate

Integration is an important part of efficient workflows. For example, we’re often asked to assist in integrating the CRM system with marketing automation tools or project management software so that they can communicate with each other in real time. If your systems can’t communicate efficiently and seamlessly, it may be time for a tech refresh!

Security is a Concern

The first sign you need a tech refresh is security. Security is always important, but it’s especially vital now that we live in an increasingly connected world. Your data and your systems are at risk if they’re not up to date. If you don’t protect them, someone else may gain access to them—and they may not have your best interests at heart.

Protecting yourself from cyber threats isn’t just about protecting yourself; it’s also about protecting your employees, customers, reputation, and business as well. If anything happens to the technology on which your business runs (or even just one piece of it), it could be detrimental to all those things—and potentially costly too!

How is your tech refresh going? As always, we’re here to help.



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