Assessing Your Technology Plan for the New Year

Assessing Your Technology Plan for the New Year

Assessing your technology plan for the new year can help your business be adaptable for the year ahead. In 2020, one of the most important qualities your company can possess is adaptability. Harvard Business Review is calling it “the new competitive advantage.”  The big question is, how does one become adaptable?

Short-term planning and goals are important to every business’s ability to be successful now. But what about your business’s long-term success? Most companies have responded to the pandemic by adjusting their current and next quarter strategies. How should you be planning for success at this time next year and beyond?

As a response, we’ve seen workforces move remote and organizations modify the way they do business, often resulting in a greater day-to-day reliance on technology.  This short-term shift allowed operations to continue, but is this a long-term solution? What changes should you make to your technology plan to ensure that you are adaptable moving forward?

Assess your current technology and define your wants and needs

When faced with the adversity of 2020, good companies made changes and continued to do business. Great companies will take what they learned and use it to be better moving forward.

So how do you make the jump from good to great? First, assess your current technology. What’s working and what’s not? Take stock of how you’re conducting business using technology. Were your employees able to smoothly transition to working remotely at the start of the pandemic? Did you implement any new technology? Did you stop using any technology? What has been your biggest frustration throughout the year?

From there, assess where there is room to grow. Did any processes become more efficient when done remotely? If you added technology, would you continue to use it even if the pandemic disappeared tomorrow? If you stopped using a technology, can you save money by continuing to live without it moving forward? What sort of solution would solve your biggest frustration?

Write it down and partner up

After you take stock of what you learned and how you want to grow, write it all down! Record exactly what you need and want your technology to do for you in the next year, along with how you want to conduct business. According to Forbes, people are approximately 30% more likely to accomplish their goals if they verbalize them or write them down.

Once you’ve written down your goals, give us a call! As your technology partner, our job is to help you build a comprehensive plan that takes into account your current environment, analyzes where you want to be in the future, and helps chart a course to get you there.

Technology doesn’t solve problems on its own; however, assessing your technology plan for the new year  can help you grow and maximize the abilities of your already talented organization. We’re here to help make that happen. Let’s face the challenges of the coming year together.