Customer Service is Key

Customer Service is Key

Like in every other industry, good IT customer service is key. Customer service can help you build lasting relationships with your clients, increase your revenue, bolster employee happiness, strengthen company culture, and secure business longevity.


However, when it comes to IT, staff may be more concerned with resolving service tickets and solving IT problems as quickly as possible than they are with customer service. It’s important to train your IT staff in good customer service.


Lead by example

First things first, in order to encourage your IT staff towards good customer service skills, you yourself should practice them. Embody the characteristics of good service such as sincerity, promptness, politeness, and going above and beyond to make an issue right.


Set the tone for developing customer service skills

Everyone has something to learn about delivering exceptional customer service. Develop a “we” mindset and emphasize that you’re all learning together as a team in order to better everyone in the company as a whole.


Develop customer service expectations for staff members

It’s easier to improve on a set of skills when those skills come with clear expectations. Write out these expectations and make sure your IT staff is aware of them. In the case of a misunderstanding, you can always return to these set expectations in order to solve a conflict in customer service and move forward.


Hold staff accountable to learning skills and following the expectations

Once you have the expectations and examples clarified, encourage your IT staff to practice their customer service skills and hold them accountable to providing good service. Customer satisfaction software such as Crewhu can help motivate your IT staff as well as provide helpful feedback. It can also be a way of having your staff encourage each other.  If they’re adhering to expectations and doing their best to provide exceptional customer service, you can all grow as a team and as a business.


Solution Builders values customer service above all because we know it’s essential for both the growth of our clients’ businesses and ours. Customer service is key for the betterment of employees and clients alike. It can strengthen life-long relationships and cultivate lasting character development.


By Taylor J. Bye, Customer Engagement Specialist



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