Explore the Enhanced Security Suite

Explore the Enhanced Security Suite

Build an extra layer of protection for your organization’s information technology by subscribing to the Solution Builders Enhanced Security Suite. The security suite further protects your organization from hacking and ransomware, while also adding the convenience of centrally managing all of passwords.

What’s in the Enhanced Security Suite?

The enhanced security suite is designed to complement our Network Support and Remote Network Support managed services by providing a set of security-oriented deliverables beyond our IT management services. Our SB360 process still powers everything we do at Solution Builders and these additional deliverables add what we can’t provide through process and best practices.

How will the Enhanced Security Suite benefit my organization?

The Enhanced Security Suite revolves around five areas where additional software has an impact on the overall security posture of your organization: Stolen Credentials, Training, Two-Step Logins, Advanced Email Scanning, and Password Management. Let’s look at each of these and how they combine into a powerful defense to your IT infrastructure.

Stolen credentials tied to your staff (usernames and passwords) appearing for sale on the Internet are a leading indicator of future data breach attempts. In defense of this, we enable a tracking service to continuously monitor places on the Internet where these usernames and passwords are sold. If the service discovers passwords for your staff being offered for sale, it alerts you (and us) to that fact so you can either ask your staff to change their passwords or be on the alert for attack attempts.

Why are stolen passwords a problem? Stolen passwords are sometimes not stolen directly from your business – a staff member can accidentally re-use a password across multiple places. For instance, if they use the same password on Yahoo! Mail and your corporate network, if Yahoo! Mail has passwords stolen (it happened multiple times over the past 10 years), the hackers now have the password to your corporate network. Knowing when the passwords are offered for sale helps you stay ahead.

As we all know, a trained staff member is much more productive than un-trained staff.  When we are trying to secure the IT environment, this is also true – you need to train staff – training them to look for suspicious emails and know what to do when they encounter them. End user security awareness training is an important part of your overall security program, and this service makes it easy to initially train staff, and then keep them up to date on their training. After consulting with you on the training objectives, we deploy a comprehensive end user security training program across your organization. Once up and running, the training is monitored, and reports can be run on how the staff is progressing on their training.

Securing all user logins (not just a few) is an important part of what a corporate-wide multifactor authentication service does for your organization. It can control computer logins, social media logins, Office 365 logins, and protect them all from bad or stolen/leaked passwords. Even if a hacker has the password to one of your accounts and the account is protected with multifactor authentication, it is very difficult for the hacker to gain access to the account. How does it work? Every time someone logs in, the software will prompt them to either enter a special code displayed in an app on their phone or they will approve the login directly on the phone. It’s that simple.

Over 90% of cyberattacks start with an email directed to your staff. Our advanced email scanning and filtering uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to perform several checks on incoming emails to ensure they’re legitimate. First, it analyzes your employee’s business relationships (who they work with, how often they communicate) and then builds trusted profiles. Once the profiles are built, it scans all inbound emails for suspicious irregularities in message content and attachments and compares them to trusted profiles to detect attacks. From there, the system continues to learn based on user interaction and feedback to grow smarter and defend you better from new threats.

The final aspect of this suite is a user-productivity solution designed to make managing passwords simple and secure. You would be surprised to learn the number of passwords each of your staff members has to manage. And – what about those shared social media accounts? Who tracks those passwords? When a corporate password manager is deployed across your organization, each staff member has a secure place to store their passwords. When there are places you need to share passwords, the password manager enables password sharing without revealing the password. This works many for web services such as social media accounts or online reporting and management tools. No more worrying about a former employee or a vendor knowing your corporate Instagram password – you always have control over it.

In addition to managing passwords, staff members have access to their passwords no matter the computer they are using now, and administrators can create user groups enabling workgroups to share passwords. Once you have a password manager deployed – you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Interested in learning more about our Enhanced Security Suite or managed IT services? We’d love to hear from you.