How Technology Has Changed the Health Industry

How Technology Has Changed the Health Industry

It’s been amazing to see how technology has changed the health industry in the last year. We broke down some of the most tech-impacted areas of health in the past year.


Livestream Fitness

The onset of COVID-19 forced fitness clubs and gyms across the world to pivot their business models. 72% of them in the US addressed the decline in in-person memberships by offering on-demand and livestream workout classes, up from 25% in 2019. The ability to stream via Zoom, Facebook Live, or even membership app encouraged people to stay active while staying home, resulting in 80% of past gym-goers live streaming their workouts vs. 7% in 2019.



Telehealth, the use of electronic devices to care for patients remotely, was already becoming popular in the healthcare industry before COVID-19. In the last year, the number of electronic health visits rose by 27%. This not only eliminated the need for some in-person visits, decreasing risk for pandemic exposure, but it also helped visits be more efficient. Additionally, telehealth appointments can help lower healthcare costs.


Wearable Tech

Wearable tech or “wearables” are electronic devices that can be physically worn on your person such as glasses or watches. Devices like Fitbits and fitness watches can be used to count the number of steps you take in a day or monitor your heart rate, helping you set fitness goals and monitor progress. Most recently, research has even found that healthcare providers can use wearables to help monitor COVID-19 symptoms. Wearables can also aid in telehealth and e-visits by readily providing data to providers, improving the patient experience.


Technology has always aimed to make things more convenient and improve quality of life, but in 2020 it took on a whole new level of importance. Technological advancements in gyms, workplaces, and hospitals have allowed people to remain safe and healthy as we work towards a better future.


By Taylor Bye, Customer Engagement Specialist