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We serve as your business’ technology department.

Providing Comprehensive Outsourced IT Services in Charlotte, NC

We design tailored IT services to fit each client’s requirements.

Solution Builders offers outsourced IT services to local businesses in Charlotte, NC that provide exceptional ongoing management and great cost-efficiency for any industry. We specialize in managed IT services and offer solutions to companies such as data backups, website hosting and maintenance, network setup, and server configuration, among other related activities.

We guarantee quick response times and rapid resolutions of all IT issues while offering solutions tailored specifically to your businesses needs.

  •  Expertise: Solution Builders has years of experience and expertise in all areas of information technology. This allows us to provide you with the best possible service and support.
  •  Cost Savings: Our managed IT solutions often result in cost savings. Solution Builders can optimize your systems and networks and find ways to improve efficiency and productivity.
  •  Scalability: Managed IT services are scalable, meaning they can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. This allows you to get the most out of your technology while keeping costs down.


Solution Builders provides comprehensive outsourced IT services in Charlotte, NC. With extensive knowledge and experience in IT security and managed IT solutions, we are an ideal partner for organizations that need reliable and robust technology solutions to support their business operations.


Technology Strategy & Planning

Solution Builders, a managed IT services provider serving the Charlotte area, offers outsourced IT solutions custom-tailored to your company’s technology strategy and planning. We analyze business goals and develops plans to scale technology operations as companies grow.

This helps streamline the workflow of businesses and empowers users to make decisions confidently with information tailored to their projects. With Solution Builders’ tech strategy and planning expertise, you can trust that your business is in good hands.

Project Manage


Solution Builders, servicing the Charlotte area, provides managed IT services. We are specialists ready to help you make the most of your IT budget, regardless of size. We offer businesses the experience and capability to oversee your project from start to finish, guaranteeing a high-quality outcome tailored to your specific needs.



By utilizing Solution Builders, businesses can easily leverage the power of Office & Microsoft 365 in Charlotte with smarter managed IT services that offer better productivity and cost savings. This suite of services streamlines data management operations, optimizes communications efficiency, and increases overall system efficacy.


Solution Builders is the perfect resource for any business looking for reliable outsourced IT services in Charlotte. Our data backup management services provide the highest level of security through cloud storage, ensuring your sensitive data will be safe even after a catastrophic system failure or malicious cyber attacks.

Charlotte Managed IT Help Desk Services

In Charlotte, NC, Solution Builders is the top provider of outsourced IT services. We offer solutions to businesses needing help desk services, through IT management. Our team prides itself on creating a partnership tailored to our client’s needs.

Cloud Man Services

Managed Cloud

Solution Builders is a great choice for all businesses looking to outsource their IT services in Charlotte, North Carolina. We offer a full suite of managed IT services, including cloud solutions, systems integration, and data storage solutions tailored to your individual business needs. Our team understands the specific nuances of managed cloud services and can provide expert support.

Cyber Security Services

Charlotte Cyber Security

Solution Builders is a leader in providing efficient cybersecurity management services to businesses in Charlotte. We offer managed IT services to help ensure that client’s data is always secure. Our cybersecurity management services include monitoring servers, networks, and databases, providing software and security patches that are regularly updated, and responding to any threats found.

Providing Managed IT Services to Charlotte, NC Businesses of All Types

Solution Builders is proud to provide managed IT services to businesses of all types in Charlotte, NC. Our outsourced IT services are designed to help companies to manage their networks and information systems with peace of mind. We strive to stay updated with the newest hardware, software, security trends, and cloud solutions to carry our clients forward in their respective industries.

Managed IT Services for Accounting Firms In Charlotte

IT services are essential to the operation of any business, especially accounting firms. Solution Builders offers outsourced IT services to accounting firm in Charlotte looking for reliable, always-on IT assistance. We provides our clients with flexibility in their managed IT support, such as around-the-clock monitoring of servers, networks, and systems; rapid response to reported issues; protection from viruses; maintenance and upgrade management of operating systems, and databases, just to name a few.

Managed IT For Local Government In Charlotte, NC

Outsourcing IT services to Solution Builders can greatly benefit local governments like the one in Charlotte. Managed IT services can help local governments by reducing the burden of onboarding, training, and maintaining an internal staff that can handle their technology needs properly. We specialize in IT management of services such as cyber security, cloud computing, and data storage.
It Project Solution Services

IT Consulting for Small Businesses In Charlotte, NC

Solution Builders is the perfect partner for small businesses in Charlotte, NC who are looking to outsource their managed IT services. We understand the unique needs and challenges of small organizations, and offer comprehensive IT solutions that can help you streamline operations, increase efficiency, and ensure top-level security. With our expertise, your business can remain up-to-date with the latest tools and technology while minimizing infrastructure costs. Our team is available 24/7 to provide detailed assistance and rapid resolutions when needed.

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Solution Builders is the top IT service provider in Charlotte, NC specializing in managing IT services for local businesses. Our team prides itself on a commitment to customer service with fast response times for any IT needs you may have. Contact Solution Builders today!


Managed IT Services is a comprehensive approach to managing and maintaining your business’s IT infrastructure. It includes everything from 24/7 monitoring and support to on-site repairs and maintenance.
Managed IT Services can save your business time and money by ensuring that your IT infrastructure is always running smoothly. It can also help you avoid costly downtime and disruptions by providing around-the-clock support.
Managed IT Services by Solution Builders are customized to fit your specific needs and budget. We’ll work with you to create a plan that fits your budget and provides the services you need.