Microsoft Teams Calling for the Small Business

Microsoft Teams Calling for the Small Business

If you are already using Office 365 and Microsoft Teams and are frustrated with having to continually pay for a separate phone system when staff is rarely in the office, maybe it’s time to consider Microsoft Teams calling for the small business.

Using Personal Phone Numbers is Frustrating

Your staff might be using their personal phone number for work-related calls. This can make it difficult to contact your staff members directly if the caller tries your staff’s office number first, then their mobile number. If you want to make sure that everyone can reach your staff quickly and easily, then using a single, dedicated number for work-related calls might be the way to go. With this type of service, anyone can call your staff directly without having to go through any additional steps or waiting times at all!

Microsoft Teams calling for the small business is a business phone solution with the following features/functions:

  • Instead of using a cell phone or separate computer-based “soft-phone”, employees can use the Phone tab of the Teams application that is already installed on their computer or cell phone.
  • Calling plans are integrated into the Teams experience – including full integration with Teams meetings, allowing external callers to join Teams meetings via phone.
  • If you currently have toll-free phone numbers, you can “point” them to your Teams calling number, just like they are provisioned now.
  • If you have existing phone numbers and would like to retain them, you can port phone numbers to Teams calling.
  • If your staff still has desk phones, you can purchase phones and connect them to Teams calling. In fact, if you have modern Polycom IP phones, you may be able to re-use those phones for Teams calling.
  • You can use headphones and headsets with Teams calling – just like you do for Teams meetings.
  • If your company uses Teams, you may already have the Teams client on your iPhone or Android phone. Once you add a calling plan to Teams, this software automatically connects to Teams calling, allowing you to use your work phone number on your mobile phone as though you were in the office.

Teams phone systems have many competitive features for the small business. Some highlights are:

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) functionality with call queues and multiple ring options.
  • After hours greetings, voicemail to email and other features competitive with other VOIP solutions.
  • The system supports conference phones, reception areas and break rooms through specialized licensing.
  • Your staff can be anywhere in the United States and have a fully functional extension on your phone system.
  • It can be expanded to thousands of endpoints with specialized knowledge and some dedicated hardware to assist with large installations.

Pricing can vary based on the Office 365 plan your company is using, but we typically see it hover around $50 per month per user (it is priced per user).

Looking to convert to a simpler phone system while still meeting the needs of your staff? As always, we’re here to help.