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Your data should be the crown jewel of your business and be treated with respect it deserves.

Your data, customer information, and business data is important because it powers your business. Through things like natural disasters, malicious attacks, or user errors, this data should be safe and sound. Which is why data security for your Minneapolis-St. Paul business is important. Data that’s managed properly is the key to growth inside your business.







We want you to avoid things like and significant amounts of downtime which can severely affect that. We don’t want you to leave your business at risk, and instead want your data to be protected at all times. But, hackers have declared war on you and your company through things like ransomware attacks and other nefarious methods. Their goal is to lock users out of their computers, extort money from you, and gain access to your data. 71% of ransomware targets are small and medium sized businesses with poor data and technology security. Don’t let your business be the next victim.

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Every great data protection strategy starts with your unique needs. We assess and ask questions like:


What happens if your business data isn’t available?


What parts of your business are at the highest risk, if you lose data or access to it?


How long can you be down, and what’s the impact, if you experience downtime?


It’s our goal to ask the right questions when crafting and executing your data protection plan.

It’s also our goal to make sure you have the correct types of hardware and software, correctly implement it, create the backup schedules, and test everything. Your most important asset is your knowledge and data, aka your crown jewel.

Partner with a technology and IT provider who will guide you through protecting your data while avoiding data protection issues that can negatively affect your company. Solution Builders is different because of our proven, scalable process. We don’t talk geeky-tech talk, rather our goal is to align your technology needs and resources as a trusted partner because of our proven approach we take with your business. We’ve been serving the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul market since 1995 and want to be your technology partner.

Ready to Make Technology Work For You?

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