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Technology and IT projects tailor-made to you and your business.

IT PRoject solutions

On-Time and On-Budget Solutions for Information Technology Projects

Our IT Project Solutions take the stress out of selecting and deploying the latest technology in your organization. Technology and IT-related projects can be stressful when not working with the right technology partner.

Our IT project services team uses a proven process in managing IT projects from quoting through final end-user training and helps you and your team achieve their goals - all while minimizing downtime and actually finishing the project. How cool is that?

That’s what we do at Solution Builders: you’ll receive predictable, dependable, and repeatable results because of our proven process that’s been crafted over 25 years of IT Project Solutions experience and success.

When it comes time to upgrade your technology and IT infrastructure like cloud migrations, hardware refreshes, software upgrades, and updating line of business applications, you can rest easier because we’re here to guide you and manage the whole project.

Our proven process and the way we handle IT project services guides your team and ours to success with your IT and technology projects.

Your team works with our IT Project Services Team to design and implement all projects. It is also critical for us to include you in the planning phase to identify your unique business needs, industry requirements, and risk tolerance to timelines and changes in your network technology. Together, we choose the best solution as your technology partner.

Partner with a technology and Managed IT Services provider who will plan and implement your technology and IT Project Solutions on time and on budget. Solution Builders is different because of our proven, scalable process. We don’t talk geeky-tech talk, rather our goal is to align your technology needs and resources as a trusted partner because of our proven approach we take with your business. We’ve been serving organizations just like yours since 1995 and want to be your technology partner.

IT Project Solutions and IT Project Services

Our expert team of IT Project Managers, Engineers and Technicians are here to help with:

  • Microsoft Windows Server (both cloud and on premise) Upgrades and Migrations
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Installations and Migrations
  • Storage Area Network ( SAN ) and Other Storage Solutions
  • Microsoft Exchange Migrations, Office 365 Migrations, Microsoft Exchange Service Pack Installation
  • Cloud Migration, AWS Cloud Migration, Azure Cloud Migration, and Lumen Cloud Migration
  • Firewall and Network Switch Installation, Replacement, and Upgrades
  • Office 365 Migration Services and Microsoft 365 Migration Services
  • Microsoft Teams Migration Services and Microsoft SharePoint Migration Services
  • Workstation, Desktop and Laptop Replacement and Installation
  • Printer and Copier Installations, including deploying new drivers across the network
  • Wi-Fi System Installation, Upgrades and Troubleshooting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our IT project Solutions.

Do you help clients move to new locations?

Yes, we are very experienced in moving clients to new locations and, in fact, have a comprehensive project plan just for moves.

Is there more than one way to implement a project or deploy technology?

There are always different methodologies for deploying equipment or performing a technology project. Over the years, Solution Builders developed (and continues to develop) proprietary deployment methodologies designed to be repeatable and successful every time. Even though there may be different ways to do a project, our way ensures client and project success.

Do you resell servers and workstations to go along with the project?

Solution Builders provides procurement solutions for clients and resells many industry standard products such as HP Enterprise Servers, HP Workstations and SonicWall firewalls. Contact our knowledgeable IT experts for more information on the products we recommend.