Solution Builders Solves Technology and IT Challenges for Wilkus Architects, P.A.


Wilkus Architects is an architecture firm based in the suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul, who’s comprised of a talented team of individuals that provide architectural and interior design services to other businesses. They employ approximately 35 team members.

The Challenge:

The challenge for Wilkus Architecture was a lack of productivity and too much time trying to manage their office IT. As they operated and grew, the team was spending time on technology tasks that were causing a lack of efficiency and frustrating their employees. “Our biggest frustrations with our office IT was the time we spent on it, as well as a lack of technology-related security for our employees,” said Matt Wilkus, Principal Architect. “It was eye-opening to see how much time we were wasting on attempting to manage our internal IT.” As a remedy, the team at Wilkus team tried hiring an IT consultant who essentially moonlighted on a part time basis in managing their IT, but that tactic didn’t work for long and wasn’t good enough for the employees at Wilkus.

The Solution/Result:

By partnering with Solution Builders, these frustrations went away. “Three of the reasons we like working with Solution Builders is their depth of technology expertise, expertise with our specific line-of-business applications, as well as their helpdesk support.” Wilkus Architecture was able to eliminate their IT issues and has had zero downtime because of the proven process of predictable, dependable, and repeatable results that Solution Builders provides.

“Solution Builders aligns with us because they’re the right size team and a wealth of knowledge for our industry, along with their CIO service being a team that’s planning our IT and technology.” – Matt Wilkus, Principal Architect

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