Three Remote Workforce Considerations

Three Remote Workforce Considerations

As your staff makes the transition back to your office you’ll find some of your employees are not ready due to personal health concerns and because of this, there are three remote workforce considerations to address.

Securing your networks

Securing your networks and data should’ve been part of your work from home plan, even before the pandemic.

If not, it’s not too late. Through a managed services provider like Solution Builders, you can easily secure your networks which will allow you and your employees to securely share company data and information.

Securing your networks might look like securing things like your VPN connections, Microsoft Teams, or other applications. Whatever it is, make sure it is completely secure and you have backups.

You’ll want to ensure all your employees are trained because this will be extremely helpful as you try to navigate this new technology-reality.


Clear communication is key.

Whether it’s email, Teams calls, Zoom calls, phone calls, or Teams Chat, keeping in contact with your employees even though they are not physically with you is important.

Securing all your communication software is important to the success of both you and your employee in a working from home model.

Remote IT Troubleshooting

Having a plan to troubleshoot effectively from afar is extremely important when it comes to transitioning to a long-term work from home model.

All of the things above are important to consider. If your employees aren’t able to connect to your network or get access to your line-of-business applications, working from home will be a struggle.

Figure out what methods work best and then find out whether you can remotely fix any bugs that might appear (odds are, you can).

Managing the IT needs of a remote workforce that is now coming back to your office, can be tricky and we hope these three remote workforce considerations help in that transition. Let us know if we can help.