Solution Builders’ Ultimate Work from Home Guide

Solution Builders’ Ultimate Work from Home Guide

Welcome to Solution Builders’ Ultimate Work from Home Guide! We’ve organized some of our top work from home blog posts into categories and detailed them below, perfect for if you’re starting to work from home the first time, are creating a work from home policy for your company or transitioning from hybrid to full time working from home!

Before this year, there was a lot of stereotyping surrounding working from home. But with the pandemic, a new light has been shed on the method of work. In this blog post, we bust five myths to help put you in the right mindset to work from home.

From myth busting to reality, here are some ways to help transition your work force through working from home long-term.

The New Reality of Working Remotely


Further, as you settle into working from home full-time, long term, here is some of what we’re deeming as basic essentials for your situation.

Essential Tips

How to Stay Organized


When it comes to taking care not only of your workload, but yourself, we have some tips on avoiding zoom fatigue and making sure your office has the perfect ergonomics set-up.

Zoom Fatigue is Real

Ergonomics for Your Home Office


If you’re looking to write up your own work from home policy for your company’s employees, here are some things we think you should avoid in order to make sure your policy is thorough and secure.

Work From Home Policy Don’ts


And when it comes to having the best technology in and outside of the office, Solution Builders is here to partner with you for the success of your business.

We’ve outlined the three essential technologies you need for working at home. These technologies are designed to help you access files securely from home, put safeguards in place in case of a technology crisis, and keep your company’s IT working smoothly from wherever your employees are working.

Additionally, you need to consider these other elements of having a remote workforce, from making sure your employees feel cared for and in the loop in terms of the company’s policies and projects to ensuring you’re set up for IT troubleshooting from a remote location.

Three Remote Workforce Considerations


When it comes to specific tools, such as VOIP phones, or different remote login methods, we’ve got you covered.

If all of this seems a little bit daunting to take on your own, or you just want someone in person to consult with, you can always reach out to us here at Solution Builders. We have something called a vCIO or a Virtual Chief Information Officer, that can attend to all of your IT needs. Your vCIO is here to ensure your business thrives, whether in an office or from home. And since they’re virtual, they already know the ins and outs, and needs for work from home situations, old or new!

What’s A vCIO?


We hope this ultimate work from home guide is helpful for you as you embark, or continue, your work from home journey. And remember that Solution Builders is always here to partner with you to make sure your technology aligns to bring you business success!