Why You Should Consider Migrating to the Cloud



Cloud computing and storage are rapidly becoming a part of the business landscape, but are they right for you?

Here are some things to think about when considering migrating to the Cloud.

What is the Cloud?

Think of the Cloud as an offsite data repository. Instead of having a physical server in your office that houses all of your company’s information, you pay for someone like Microsoft, Amazon, or CenturyLink to store your data at their location and then you access it via an internet connection.

The Benefits of the Cloud                              

Migrating to the Cloud can help clear up your office space and reduce overhead costs. When you move to the Cloud, you can get rid of the expensive hardware you use to store your data and the cost of having to fix it if something breaks. You also won’t have to worry about yearly warranty renewals or costly updates, as Cloud providers will do that automatically.

Migrating to the Cloud also opens up your business to remote working opportunities with improved access to data. When all your information is in the Cloud, all you need is a wifi connection! This helps reduce the risk of data loss due to a hardware malfunction and is much easier to scale as your business grows.

Mythbusting the Cloud

The Cloud also isn’t just for remote workers. It is just as viable for companies that plan to work in an office for the foreseeable future. These companies can still see the benefit of eliminating hardware costs and free up office space for revenue generating activities.

A lot of people assume that migrating large amounts of data spanning all the years you’ve been in business is overly-complicated and time consuming. And while it is a technical process by nature, with the right help, a Cloud migration is no more complicated than a new server installation!

When first introduced, many incorrectly assumed that because it was accessible via the internet, the Cloud was not a secure method of data storage. In reality, Cloud storage providers have sophisticated security protocols that make it just as secure as hosting your information in a local server.

What’s Next

Overall, the Cloud offers benefits that can help make your company more efficient and less reliant on aging hardware. The migration process can be made simple with the right IT provider, which is where we come in. As your technology partner, Solution Builders cannot only help you migrate to the Cloud, but we can also help manage additional backups and changes down the line. We’re here to make your life and business technology processes easier! If you are ready to discuss migrating to the Cloud or want to see if it is the right move for you, contact us using the form below.

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