3 Benefits of Conducting a Technology Audit

3 Benefits of Conducting a Technology Audit

It’s easy to forget that you’re at risk when you spend your energy on other priorities. If it has been a while since you conducted a comprehensive technology audit, then now’s the time to start planning for an audit. To help, we have 3 benefits of conducting a technology audit to help you get started.

Before we go into the benefits, let’s explore the importance of technology audits. Technology audits are important because they enhance information security and organizational resilience. Audits can:

  • Help detect security vulnerabilities
  • Help ensure that the organization is up to date on security measures
  • Help prepare the organization to respond quickly and effectively in the event of a cyberattack
  • Help the organization maintain compliance with various security regulations

A breach could cost you thousands of dollars, so it pays to take steps now to protect your business in the future. Here are 3 benefits of conducting a technology audit.

3 Benefits of Conducting a Technology Audit

No Surprises

While it’s crucial for your business to utilize data safely and securely, the reality is that some of the IT components we use every day may have hidden threats. These threats can quickly escalate into a full-fledged data breach if not discovered and addressed in an IT audit.

A properly planned audit creates a map of your IT environment that helps you understand how everything connects and which areas expose you to threats. This allows you to focus your remediation efforts where they are needed the most.

If you don’t have a complete and up-to-date technology landscape, it’s possible that one of your top executives could be stealing your intellectual property or a digital pathway into your network is exposed. The risks are real, as well as the costs to your business.

Evaluate your security posture, regularly monitor for threats and vulnerabilities, update and patch as needed, clean up the dust in your infrastructure, and make sure you’re protected from ransomware by performing regular backups.

Data-Driven Decision Making

IT auditing can help your organization make the best use of its resources. A properly conducted audit will provide you with valuable data that you can use to make key business decisions. Your IT security strategy and budgeting efforts will be more informed, allowing a more targeted allocation of resource dollars.

A Vision for the Future

An audit can lay the groundwork for a SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis is a technique for evaluating the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of your business. It’s a powerful tool that can assist you in determining what your company excels at right now and formulating an effective strategy for the future.

Armed with a thorough understanding of your technology’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, you can begin planning years in advance and share the vision with team members to keep them motivated.

Now that you understand the 3 Benefits of Conducting a Technology Audit and may be considering auditing your organization’s technology, it’s time to start the technology audit planning process. Are you ready to start planning your technology audit?

As always, we’re here to help.