How a Help Desk Can Help Your Business

How a Help Desk Can Help Your Business

At Solution Builders, one of the core services we offer to our clients is a world-class help desk experience. Let’s look at how a help desk can help your business.

Everything in a Ticket

Everything we do at a Solution Builders starts with a service ticket. Client needs help with a laptop problem? Create a service ticket. Client needs to purchase a new laptop? Create a service ticket. Tracking an internal project our client will never see? Create a service ticket.

You get the idea – we create service tickets for everything. We do this to hold ourselves accountable to our clients and ourselves.

No Lost Requests

Because we track literally everything in a service ticket, it is very rare that we lose something. Losing track of something internally is frustrating and can lead to the feeling of “going nowhere” but losing something for a client is unacceptable.

Fully Documented

We strive to fully document every service request’s resolution. This is critical for two reasons. First, it allows us resolve similar issues in the future, whether the issue reoccurs for the same client or another client. Having a documented solution prevents us from having to “resolve” the issue and promotes a timely resolution. Second, we know that having a blank or ambiguous resolution is frustrating to our clients. They want to know what we did to solve the problem. By documenting the resolution, they know that it was resolved properly.

Responsiveness is Tracked

Each of our team members is accountable to provide timely resolution to client issues. By tracking our resolutions in a ticketing system, we can measure responsiveness in reacting to the ticket, resolving the ticket or any other internal metric we need to track. It exposes where we are doing well and where we need to improve.

Allow for Client Feedback

Our ticketing system allows our clients to provide feedback to the team on how their issue was resolved. Measuring client feedback and satisfaction is an important part of how we manage our helpdesk and allows us to improve every week, month, and year.

Let’s talk about your organization.

Do you support a customer base or provide products and services which customers have questions about? Maybe your business needs a help desk.

No matter the business you are in, whether you sell Business to Business, Business to Consumer or are a nonprofit, providing great customer service should be one of your priorities.

We recommend talking with your customer base, asking them about how easy (or difficult) it is to get post-sale customer assistance from your team. If their experience is worse than what you were expecting, adding a help desk will be a positive step forward.

What are the benefits of a properly structured and run help desk? They are listed above, and with some small changes here and there, can provide your customers with world class support.

You can do this. As always, we’re here to help.



This week’s post by Tim Malzahn, Principal Consultant at Malzahn Strategic