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ThnAir insight™

Solution Builder’s proprietary, proven cloud migration assessment service.

Cloud migrations for your organization can be confusing and complicated, but they don’t have to be. Our cloud migration assessment service, called ThnAir™ Insight™ gives you the knowledge and information you need to make the right decision on cloud migrations and strategies.

If your organization is considering moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud, ThnAir Insight cloud assessment service will result in better productivity and efficiency for your cloud migration, instead of wasting money. Migrations to the cloud are only the beginning when it comes to your organization taking advantage of the cloud.

Whatever your business case may be, your ThnAir Insight cloud strategy from this assessment delivers you a pragmatic roadmap that is easily executed. Below is what you will receive as part of your assessment.

ThnAir Insight Deliverable Cloud Assessment Lite Cloud Assessment Standard
Assess your organization’s company, industry, and risk profile. Included Included
Inventory all applications organization-wide and document. Included Included
Personalized delivery of assessment results via video chat and Q&A session (1.5 hour meeting) Included Included
Assess recovery strategies and current backup status. N/A Included
Develop a high level, application specific, cloud migration strategy with estimated budgets for each application. 2 Applications 10 Applications
Develop a high level cloud migration roadmap, recommend vendors and develop budget for completing the roadmap. N/A Included
Investment $2,850.00 (USD) $5,370.00 (USD)
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Reduce your risk with our cloud migration assessment
We want to reduce your overall risk by becoming more secure by identifying which applications you currently use, which ones are in the cloud, and which ones aren’t. Recommendations will focus on determining your risk level, while reducing any disruptions to your current operations while ensuring proper industry compliance.
Report and budget document
We create cloud migration recommendations that will result in a seamless, continuous integration of new technologies and automations. As a part of this, we create a cloud migration budget document that tells you what you’ll need to spend in order to meet your strategic goals around your cloud project.
Cloud vendor selection and roadmap
With the ThnAir Insight standard service, you get a report that recommends which cloud vendors are right for your business and technology needs. We’ll tell you which applications to consider that address your business and technology needs, future-proofing your cloud strategy.
Cloud management & support of your cloud environment
We don’t just walk away when your cloud strategy and migration is complete. We provide 24x7 support and will show you how our proven SB360 process works to achieve this.

Still have questions about our ThnAir Insight cloud migration assessment service? Contact a cloud expert today and we’ll answer all of your questions.

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