SB360: Our Proven Process

SB360: Our Proven Process

Enhancing Technology Management with SB360

At Solution Builders, our SB360 process is not just about managing technology; it’s about enhancing it. From routine troubleshooting to advanced support, our Computer Support and Services are integral to ensuring that every technical aspect is aligned with your business goals. Our team ensures that your technology infrastructure is not just stable but also dynamically supports your business needs.

Managed IT Services: The Backbone of SB360″

The repetitive cycle of SB360’s five-step process is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement, a key feature of our Managed IT Services. By consistently evaluating and aligning your IT infrastructure with best practices, we deliver predictable and reliable results, ensuring that your IT systems are not just operational but optimized for your business success.

Cyber Security: A Core Element of Our Proven Process

In today’s digital age, security is paramount. That’s why cyber security is a core component of SB360 at Solution Builders. We understand the importance of protecting your data and infrastructure against emerging threats. Our Cyber Security services are designed to seamlessly integrate with our proven process, ensuring not just stability and satisfaction but also the utmost security for our clients.”

This week, we wanted to introduce our readers to a computer support and services concept we use inside of Solution Builders called the proven process. While naval-gazing is not something we do on the blog very often, enough of our readers are entrepreneurs themselves, and the concept of a proven process may be foreign to them.

What is a proven process?

A proven process is a methodology of managing clients’ results toward a predictable outcome.

Why is a proven process important to Solution Builders?

Solution Builders is a company running on a management framework called the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, or EOS®. While there are many aspects to EOS, a proven process is one of the core business concepts central to this framework.

We’ve developed our proven process to the point where everyone in the company knows what it is and why we do it, and more importantly, our clients know what it is and why we do it. We call it SB360.

What is SB360?

SB360 is our proven process for managing clients’ technology to a predictable result for a fixed monthly fee. It is a combination of technical inputs combined with the human element of expectation setting and regular meetings, all combined to deliver consistent technology results.

Our Proven Process

At a high level, SB360 consists of a five-step process that repeats itself over and over during the time a client chooses to utilize our managed IT services. They are:


Sb360 Proven Process

The Solution Builders Sb360 Proven Process

  • Client Discussion and Understanding – Consistent meetings designed for two-way knowledge transfer.
  • Network Health Reviews and Alignment – We constantly evaluate clients’ technical alignment as compared to best practices.
  • Client Discussions and Long-Term Planning – Utilizing the health reviews to build plans and budgets.
  • Stable and Predictable IT Infrastructure – Keeping the client in technical alignment and understanding their business results in a stable infrastructure.
  • Client Satisfaction and Stability – by delivering a stable environment, clients are happy, and they have a solid technical foundation on which to build their businesses.

It has taken many years of development to hone the SB360 process to where it is today. With constant client feedback in the system, we continue to make it better every day. We couldn’t manage our clients without it.

And…we love to talk about our process! Contact one of our business development team, and they would love to talk more about how we deliver results for our clients.

Want to learn more about the Entrepreneurial Operating System and what it can do for your business? We have two resources for you:

  1. Purchase a copy of Traction by Gino Wickman. Traction is a great way to gain an understanding of EOS and how it can impact your business. Even though you can implement EOS on your own, your organization will be better and faster by utilizing an EOS Implementer.
  2. Visit EOS Worldwide and contact a local EOS Implementer for a no-obligation 90-minute meeting explaining the EOS framework and the process they use to help your leadership team learn the system.


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