Cloud Management and Migrations

Take the stress out of migrating to and managing cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Management and Migrations

Your Trusted Cloud Technology Partner

When it comes to modern IT operations, cloud management and migrations are something your technology partner should be really good at – and Solution Builders is really good at them.

Increasingly, IT workloads are handled on cloud services and our clients are no different. We’ve been deploying cloud services under our ThnAir™ branded solution for over 10 years and because of this, we are uniquely qualified to deliver the results you are looking for in a cloud deployment or management solution.

Solution Builders ThnAir Managed Cloud Services for Business

The ThnAir Triad™ – Methodology for Cloud Success

Cloud Solutions, Tailored to You

The ThnAir Triad, a series of best practices, processes and management software delivers on the promise of cloud services – all managed by Solution Builders’ in-house cloud experts.

A key part of every successful endeavor is in the planning – and at Solution Builders, we take that planning seriously. From documenting your environment to catching small items before they become big issues, our cloud migration planning process ensures the project delivers on the promised results, every time.

We have developed a cloud migration path over many years of trial (and sometimes error) to deliver a solid methodology designed to be repeatable and reliable.

We use cutting edge management technology and methodologies to ensure your cloud deployment runs smoothly and deliver the results you expect.

Our proven ThnAir Triad management best practices work well for just about every cloud management and migration you can think of.

Cloud Solutions

Here Are a Few Different Cloud Services We Deliver to Clients:

  • Public Cloud such as Office 365, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, G-Suite and other related services.
  • Private Cloud such as Lumen Technologies and other related private cloud services.
  • Cloud Hosted Voice such as Microsoft Teams, Vonage, 8x8, Masergy or other software defined, unified communications platforms.
  • Cloud Based Archive Storage such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and other cloud storage services.
  • Hybrid Solutions designed for the unique needs of our clients – combining cloud services with on premise or private cloud services – delivering value and performance they expect.

Transform your Organization with Office 365

Learn from our Office 365 Migration Experts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solution Builders is Here to Help.

Should we migrate to a private cloud solution, or should we consider a public cloud solution?

In our experience, there are two driving factors when considering private cloud or public cloud. The first one is the nature of the data you are storing. If you are storing highly regulated data, such as PCI, HIPAA or FINRA data, it may sway your decision one way or the other. The second is budget. Private cloud is far more costly both to deploy and to use on a regular, ongoing basis.

Should we still be running our on-premise Exchange server?

We can think of very few scenarios where it makes sense to continue to run an on-premise Exchange server. Office 365 is a very robust and mature solution and, in fact, we haven’t deployed any on-premise Exchange for over 8 years now.

Can I easily convert my on-premise servers to the cloud now?

We would not classify any cloud migration as “easy”, but with the help of an expert partner and a lot of planning, most cloud migrations of moving servers to cloud services go smoothly and meet the goals of the business.